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1) How far are we required to swim? Unlike many camps, our camps are more about having fun. In other words, feel free to swim as little or as much as you want. We insist, however, that you always have a swimming partner and you do not swim near boats. If you plan to do a long swim, please let the camp directors know.

2) May I swim with a wetsuit? Yes, but please remember – if it swims like a seal, moves like a seal and looks like a seal….it must be a yummy seal!

3) How will I know when/where to meet for group swims, functions and meals? We will provide a schedule prior to camp. We also kindly ask you to install “What’sApp” on your smartphone where we will post schedule updates, changes, safety information and whimsical banter.

4) Is there yoga at swim camp? Yes! Bring your own mat and yoga attire for sunrise yoga.

5) Should I bring a swim costume? Yes! We usually have an UGLY swimsuits and costumes event during our “fun relays”. See previous swim camp videos for ideas. Be prepared for lots of laughs and FUN!

6) What should I bring to camp? Nutrition (Sports drinks, gels, power bars), snacks, sunscreen, lubricant, Safe Sea Jelly Fish sting protection lotion, swimsuit, goggles, cap, yoga mat, dry bag (to keep clothes dry for any boat excursions), flashlight, glowstick/blinkies, orange flotation swim buoy. For Swim Camp Catalina only, warm clothing is recommended because the weather starts to cool off in November. If you are assigned to the cabins, you will also need to bring a sleeping bag. Even though meals are covered at our camps, it is always a good idea to bring local currency and a credit card which is accepted internationally. With any camp, always be prepared for inclement weather.

7) What are the swimming rules? The rules are simple 1) NEVER swim alone 2) Always swim close to shore 3) Avoid the boat area(s) 4) Always post a notice on “WhatsApp” if you decide to swim apart from the group and 5) Please tow an orange inflatable Safety buoy. Please provide the distance and estimated time you will return to camp. SAFETY FIRST.

8) What is the anticipated water temperature? You can expect mid 60-degree water in Catalina during the November time frame. However, it can also be as low as 59 or as high as 68. Mexico’s Sea of Cortez averages 70 during the month of March with a low of 67 in the morning and high of 72 in the late afternoon. Fiji and Tahiti are in the high 70’s, Costa Rica the low 80’s and Belize is mid 80’s.

9) Can my fees be refunded if I am unable to attend camp? Our refund policy and dates are posted for each camp. If you find yourself unable to attend past the refund date, you may contact us to see if there are waitlisted swimmers. Otherwise, your best option is to sell your spot to another swimmer of the same gender. Of course, you are free to donate your spot which we will then use as a scholarship. Trip cancellation insurance may be purchased for a discounted rate of only $75 per person per camp. Please refer to the registration form for each camp to review full policy.

10) How is it that some people have nicer accommodations than others? Some campers pay a premium for upgrades such as privacy, a larger room and/or an ocean view. All rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, so sign up early to secure the room of your choice!

11) How do you decide on roommates? Each camper has the ability to request a roommate and we try our best to accommodate all requests. Otherwise, we will assign a roommate of the same gender. Occasionally there are solo rooms available depending on the camp.

12) What do I do if I don’t like the roommate you have assigned to me? Suck it up buttercup! You will be spending very little time in the rooms and our camps are six nights or less.

13) Do I need local currency? Yes and No, we have found that many places in Mexico accept the U.S. dollar. There are fewer places in Belize and Costa Rica who will accept U.S. currency. Fiji and Tahiti do not accept U.S. currency. It is always good to have a combination of U.S. currency and local currency along with a credit card. We also suggest notifying your credit card provider that you will be leaving the country. Please keep in mind that since our Swim Camps are all-inclusive, you really will not need a lot of money.

14) What does all-inclusive mean? Your fees cover room, all meals, gratuity, transportation to and from destination airport, and special events. Excursions, alcohol and incidental expenses are the responsibility of each camper. We encourage each attendee to consider travelers insurance for health and cancellation purposes.

15) Do you accommodate dietary restrictions? Usually, but it depends on the venue. If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know at the time of booking. While we will do our best to accommodate these requests, this cannot always be guaranteed due to the remote location of many of our trips.

16) Can I bring a non-swimming guest? Absolutely! We actually select venues that provide activities for a non-swimmer so they will have plenty to do when lying on a warm beach gets old.

17) Are solo travelers welcome? Absolutely! We will pair the solo traveler with a roommate of the same gender. Depending on the camp, we also may have solo rooms available at a slightly higher cost.

18) Do you provide non-swimming activities?  A BIG YES! We pride ourselves on providing multiple activities and excursions. Some of the activities are provided free of charge while others are at an additional cost. We encourage attendees to sign up for activities prior to each camp. Past activities include massage, yoga, movie night, kayaking, fishing, hiking, sup, atv’s, horseback riding, snorkeling, diving, wine tasting, mountain biking, pool party, live bands and more.

19) Do you have any age restrictions? All guests must be 18 years or over prior to the 1st day of swim camp.

20) Is there anything else? Yes, please take the time to get to know as many swimmers as possible and please have safe fun. Have the time of your life and ENJOY!!!

Contact Additional details will be sent out to registered campers as each event approaches.