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This is our 1st year hosting swim camp Panama. It will be held in the San Blas islands and is being limited to just 16 campers. San Blas is an archipelago comprising approximately 365 islands, of which only 49 are inhabited. They lie off the north coast of Panama, east of the Panama Canal. The islands are home to approximately 50,000 Kuna Indians. The Kuna survive by fishing and harvesting fruits, especially coconuts. The Kuna’s also create art on their bodies and clothes called Molas. Kuna is the main language spoken, but they also speak Spanish and basic English.

This camp is as primitive as it gets and is not for the faint of heart. We sleep in open air grass huts on hammocks. There is no running water, A/C, plumbing, flushing throne’s or mirrors. Our water is collected by the bountiful Caribbean rains. If you are a girly girl or boyly boy, this camp is not for you.

On the other hand, the San Blas Islands are among the most beautiful in the world and campers will have the opportunity to swim around and between several of the islands while enjoying 82-degree water with 40’ visibility. The Kuna’s will transport us to our swim destinations in a dugout canoe called an ‘ulu. In the evenings, we will enjoy the Kuna’s favorite drink called a Coco Loco and party the night away Panamanian style.

Swim Camp Panama is an experience you will talk about for the rest of your life. You simply won’t find a better swimming adventure. Fees include one night lodging in Panama City, 3 nights lodging in a grass hut, hammock, 3 meals per day, transportation to and from Tocumen International Airport, and insurance.

Closest Airport(s)
Tocumen International Airport (PTY)

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Additional details will be sent out to registered campers as each event approaches.